New to Socionika?

If you are new to socionics, you might wish to take an express on-line test to find out your personality type.

On our web-site you can read the personality types descriptions, look up the relations between two types with our relations calculator and many more.

Or perhaps you want to see the examples of different types in our fictional characters and famous people galleries.

What is Socionika?

Socionika ( aka "socionics") is a psychological theory invented by the Lithuanian scientist Ausra Augustinaviciute. The information on how the socionika was created can be found here.

Socionika divides people into the 16 types. Of course we are all different with our own individual characteristics and experiences, but socionika describes the base layer of our characters upon which our individual features are built.

You can find the descriptions of the 16 socionics types on our web-site as well as read the descriptions of the 16 types of interpersonal relations (how the types interact with each other).