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Differences in the vulnerable functions of the Look-a-Like types — the Dreamer and the Hedonist

The Dreamer (IEI) and the Hedonist (SEI) have the same vulnerable function - [:bL:]. Both types find it hard to deal with the practical issues. But because in the Model of the types, the vulnerable [:bL:] is blocked with different kind of functions, it works in the slightly different way. The vulnerable [:bL:] for the Dreamer is blocked with the role [:wS:]. These two functions are also the two strongest functions in the Model A of their conflicting type — the Administrator (LSE). The Dreamer not only has problems with the issues that are easy for the Administrator to deal with, they also resent dealing with this issues. Often Administrators are perceived as being earthbound by the Dreamers.

On the other hand, the Entrepreneurs(LIE), who have [:bL:] as their Leading function as well (as the Administrators), have it blocked with [:wI:] . The way they transmit information is understandable for the Dreamers, but the information itself isn't. The Entrepreneurs with their strong [:wI:] cannot be seen by the Dreamers as earthbound. And even 'though their advice on the [:bL:] is still uncomfortable, the Dreamers can't really point out what is wrong with it. Dreamers might even think at first that the advice of the Entrepreneurs is right, but they will not be able to follow that advice.

The vulnerable [:bL:] for the Hedonist is blocked with the [:wI:]. These is also the strong Ego block of their conflicting type — the Entrepreneur. The way Entrepreneurs use the [:bL:] makes the Hedonists very uncomfortable. For example, the Entrepreneurs feel the opportunities for the profit the current times offers them, they feel the trends and know how to use them to their advantage. The Hedonists are not able to feel that and also might perceive this kind of attitude as opportunistic.

At the same time, the Administrator, being the conflicting type for the Dreamer is also the Supervisor for the Hedonist. Unlike the Dreamers, The Hedonists would not label the Administrator as earthbound, they perceive them at first as practical and reliable, but again, as with the Dreamers and the Entrepreneurs, the Hedonists will be unable to follow the Administrators advices.