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Levels of sociability and extroversion \ introversion

Very often extroversion and introversion is confused to be synonym for the sociability level. It is often mistakenly believed to be the quality of an extrovert to be very social, outgoing and loud.

But in fact the dependency of the levels of sociability on the extroversion and introversion is not direct in Socionics. It also depends on the other dichotomies of the type.

Generalizing, the levels of sociability can be described like this:

Level of sociability


Extroverted Ethics types (SEE, ESE, EIE,IEE)


Introverted Ethics types (IEI,SEI,EII,ESI)

Extroverted Logic types (SLE,LIE,ILE,LSE)


Introverted Logic Types (SLI,ILI,LII,LSI)

With that in mind, there are further differences within these groups.

For example, types with [:bE:] are generally louder in public, but for the introverts (IEI, SEI) it takes time to relax in the company of strangers, after which they can be quite loud.

Or another example, SLE, who have [:bE:] as their accepting function, can be very loud and might enjoy being the centre of attention, but often they need the right atmosphere being already in place.

Types with [:bE:] as their vulnerable function (ILI, SLI) are quieter and less expressive.