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Socionics basics


There are four pairs of mutually exclusive traits (dichotomies) in Socionika. These traits are the very base of the theory and are partly similar to that of the Myers-Briggs typology.

Sensory vs Intuitive



A sensory person lives here and now. Naturally, they pay more attention to the physical side of life. They notice better physical objects that are present around them or physical conditions they are in.

They get the information about the current surroundings through the physical senses (smell, look, touch). They are also very well aware of their own body's state.

An intuitive person is more focused on past or future events, it is hard for them to concentrate on the present moment. One abstracts from the reality being an intuitive person. Intuitive people also tend to predict (or analyse) the future well.

Intuitive people often get the information about the current surrounding as a general image and their physical senses are subdued and delayed.

Logical vs Ethical



A logical person's thinking is based on objective facts. They better at finding logical explanations. That doesn't mean that they are not influenced by emotions in decision making, but after the decision is made, they tend to prove it by finding facts and objective explanations. They are better at defending their points of view with logical reasoning.

An ethical person's thinking is based on subjective emotions, their personal attitude towards people or events or the accepted behaviour of their society (in general or smaller social group — family, friends etc). Their opinions might not have a rational explanation ("I like it that way") or their reasons might be quickly deemed unreasonable in a discussion. Ethical people are better at understanding human relations and might have strong empathy skills.

Extroverted vs Introverted



An extroverted person is more focused on the outer world. It is easier for them to talk to a several people at the same time or talk to a stranger. They are less aware of their own personality


An introverted person is more focused on the inner world, they know themselves very well. Therefore it is easy for an introvert to answer questions about their own personal traits. It is easier for an introvert to talk to a single person and even at bigger events they prefer a one-to-one chat or might even stay as 'observers'.

Rational vs Irrational



A rational person tends to prepare upfront. They care more about the order (e.g. room/flat).

For an irrational person it is easier to improvise, to be guided by circumstances. Irrational people tend to care less about the order (e.g. in their room / flat).

Do not start trying to calculate your type or types of others yet ;) This is only a part of the theoretical base for the socionics and it does not show types clearly. Go to the step 2 to learn why.