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Beta Quadra

Values:[:wI:] [:bS:] [:bE:] [:wL:]


The general atmosphere in this Quadra and the appearance of people belonging to it have an element of drama and theatricalism. They are often people of extremes with love for extraordinary heroic behaviour ( in the sense of great individual's strength and willpower ).

They often disapprove of the society rules and morals, allowing their own opinions, emotions and feelings to guide them instead. They hate to be preached at, 'though enjoy sharing opinions (which are often strong) as long as these opinions are not forced on them as being "right". Their discussions are passionate with a great emotional involvement. They admire the broad spectrum and strength of emotions.

They tend to divide people into those who are close to them and "all others", seeing their "inner circle" as a gathering of extraordinary people. An "us-them", "friend or foe" kind of attitude. They care a lot more about those who in their opinion make the "inner circle", often not feeling any responsibility for the others.

People of the Beta Quadra see the world in a structured, hierarchical way. They have respect for hierarchy in interpersonal relations, but the basis for this respect is often very subjective.

The biggest fear:

To be powerless and without privileges.

Psychological age: