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Gamma Quadra

Values:[:wI:] [:bS:] [:wE:] [:bL:]


Types of Gamma Quadra have a realistic and critical outlook on life and society. Their approach is often a mix of intuitive analyses and understanding of the material nature of the world. Achieving goals and being good at social manoeuvring is highly respected.

Their discussions are cerebral and they are interested in listening to the opinions, weighting up the arguments and then deciding whether they are convinced or not.

They believe that the ideas and deeds should be meaningful, should carry social and intellectual meaning. They often respect self-sacrifice if it was done in the name of society and was justified (e.g. actually changed something, affected the society). There is a sense nobleness in this Quadra.

They often have a sarcastic sense of humour and may seem cynical without the intention to be so.

The biggest fear:

To be unsuccessful.

Psychological age: