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The relationships of Activation are easy for both partners as they are from the same Quadra and share the same values. They have common ways and express very similar attitudes. As in “Duality” relationships, both partners in Activation can provide one another with help with the weak functions and pass the right information to the accepting block of one another. Therefore problem solving with the Activation partner can be very rewarding. And both partners may have genuine respect or admiration for each other.

Yet when it goes beyond help and expressing the views and the relationships become closer, it seems to both partners that, ‘though their views are similar, the other partner pays too much attention to the things that don't seem that important.

The “Leading” function of one Activator sends the information to the “Anticipated” function of the partner (unlike the “Dual” relationship, where the “Leading” function sends the information to the “Suggestive” function of a partner). The partner welcomes this information, but sees it as a device to transmit the meaning, not as something that has a meaning of it's own. The “Leading” function is the essence of one's mind and the information is passed from it most often, so the partner begins to feel that this information is overestimated. On the other hand, the “Suggestive” function of the partner receives the information from the “Creative” function of the Activator, which is for the Activator a device to transmit his “Leading” function, therefore not carrying a meaning of it's own. So the partner, ‘though receiving some information on his Suggestive function, doesn't get enough.