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These are the relations of a constantly developing conflict. What one of the partners considers appealing or interesting is annoying or boring to the other partner.

Even when the partners are genuinely trying to make piece, due to miscommunication it always only brings more misunderstanding and hard feelings. It feels like the meaning that was put into a phrase becomes an opposite of what it was, and when one says “I want us to be friends„, the other hears “I despise you„.

This happens because in the Conflicting relations partners have opposite values and “hit„ each other with their “Leading„ function directly in the “Vulnerable„ function of one another. Their “Creative„ function also clashes with the “Role„ function of their partner.

But these are equal relations, meaning that both partners are in the same position and can hurt each other and protect themselves equally.

Normally, people of the conflicting types keep naturally long distance, not having much in common. Rarely they might be interested in each other for a very short period of time, due to seeing a slight resemblance of their duals in each other, but that goes away fairly quickly after some communication.