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In the Look-a-Like relations partners see the world different, while transmit the information in the same way (different “Leading„ functions, but the same “Creative„ function). They are called “Look-a-Like„ because people in this relations might have similar manners, ‘though if you learn them better, the difference in the fundamental attitudes and aims will be huge.

The Look-a-Like partners have the same “Vulnerable„ function and therefore cannot “hit„ the “Vulnerable„ function of another partner.

In the first instance after meeting each other they might find one another quite attractive as both might be producing information from their “Role„ function, which is the “Leading„ function of the other partner. But as the time goes, they will see the differences in each other's attitudes. Because the “Leading„ function is not flexible and a person cannot cut the amount of the information it passes from it, they will annoy one another passing the expert information to the other's “Role„ function.

Although, if they keep the distance big enough, that kind of relations can be fun and relaxing, as long as the partners do not have to make any decisions together or influence each other's actions.