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The Mirror intertype relations are called so because the aspects in functions of the two people are reflected (e.g. The “Leading” function is the other partner's “Creative” function, the “Role” function is the other partner's “Vulnerable” function).

People in this relationship share the same values as they are from the same Quadra. They understand each other well and find it interesting to communicate. They seem to “speak the same language” and most of the time agree on different matters with one partner being able to point out things to the other that would be overlooked otherwise.

But despite the fact they have very similar attitudes, they tend to prioritize different things. They also normally agree on the judgement of a situation at hand, but disagree on the global aims.

And because they both have the same aspects in all the blocks, they are not able to support each other's weak functions, ‘though not able to “hit” the vulnerable function of one another as well.

On a close distance relationships they would expect the other partner to give them information to the aspects in their “Accepting” block, which would be very hard for the other partner to provide. That leads to a tension that no one wants to take the responsibility for these kind of problems or expects a reward for it on his “Accepting” block, which the other partner would not be able to provide to the full scale or might not be willing to provide as he expects that kind of behaviour to be natural for his partner (as in Dual relationship).