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In the Quasi-Identical relations people are on the same poles of three out of four dichotomies (except for rational – irrational ), but they do not share any common values.

They find it easy to find the topics for discussion, but very soon realize that their opinions are right opposite. They both have the “Vulnerable„ function of the partner as their “Suggestive„ function and ‘though with some effort they can “hit„ each other with it, it would more probably happened in a form of stating opposite, unacceptable and utterly irritating points of view than in a form of embittering actions.

The interactions between the Quasi-identical partners might become a reason for a heated debate, but most probably both partners will regard it as a waste of time.

Both partners feel that they are better (e.g. wiser, cooler) than the other partner in this relations, which leads to the indifferent, slightly belittling attitudes towards each other.