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The Request relations are asymmetric with one person being the Request Issuer and the other the Request Recipient.

The Request Recipient receives the information from the strong “Creative„ function of the Request Issuer to his “Suggestive„ function and has respect and admiration for the partner.

The Request Issuer on the other hand doesn't receive anything to his “Suggestive„ function from the Request Recipient as it is his “Vulnerable„ function unable to produce this kind of information. Although he receives the information to the second function in his accepting block - “Anticipated„ function. Accepting this, he expects the other person to behave as if it was his Activation partner and sends a request to fill his “Suggestive„ function not getting what he wants and putting his Request Recipient into a very uncomfortable position. At some point the Request Recipient might try to state his views, but he always gets overwhelmed by the “Creative„ function of the Request Issuer or even his “Suggestive„ function which is in any case stronger than the same aspect in his own “Vulnerable„ position.

This are very uncomfortable relations, primarily for the Request Recipient that keep him under a constant pressure. For the Request Issuer this are simply unfulfilling relations.