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In the Super-Ego relations, partners have opposite values and are on the opposite poles of logic – ethics and intuition – sensorics dichotomies.

These are relations where both partners don't have anything to offer to one another ( as the aspects of the Accepting block of one partner are in the Subconscious (non-verbalizing) block of the other ) and the way they transmit information makes one another uncomfortable ( the “Creative„ function of one partner is the “Vulnerable„ function of another). The Leading function of one partner is the “Role„ function of another and therefore the perception of the world of a Super-Ego partner seems weird and annoying to the other partner.

If both partners are extroverts, they get tired of one another very quickly, if they are introverts – most probably their communication won't go beyond an exchange of a couple of phrases and they will loose interest.