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The Supervision relations are asymmetric with one partner being the Supervisor and the other – Supervisee.

These relations are considered the worst possible in Socionics. The Supervisor's “Leading„ function is the “Vulnerable„ function of the Supervisee. But unlike the Conflicting relations the Supervisee cannot “hit back„ as his “Leading„ function is the strong “Creative„ function of his Supervisor.

To the Supervisor it seems that the Supervisee is a capable but incomplete person, who can benefit from his advice and attention. As his advice goes from his “Leading„ function straight to the “Vulnerable„ function of his Supervisee, but in a way that the Supervisee not only understands, but is identical to how he sees the world, the Supervisee is left willing to learn, but completely unable to do so.

To the Supervisor it starts to look as if the Supervisee deliberately ignores his advice, which leads to the displeasure of the Supervisor, who starts to force his picture of the world (the “Leading„ function of the Supervisor and the “Vulnerable„ function of the Supervisee) – with an intent only to explain his dissatisfaction, but again in the way (through his “Creative„ function) that seems justified to the Supervisee, who feels angry and undervalued, but keeps on trying to satisfy his partner.

If the Supervisee tries to explain his feelings, the Supervisor thinks that the Supervisee makes troubles for nothing.

Depending on the types of people involved and psychological distance, this might take different amount of time before a complete break-up.