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EIE - The Performer


Full model: [:bE:][:wI:][:bL:][:wS:][:wL:][:bS:][:wE:][:bI:]

Short model: [:bE:][:wI:][:wS:][:wL:]

Belongs to: Beta Quadra

Ego Block: [:bE:] with [:wI:]

The Performers perceive the reality through their feelings, are highly attuned to the emotional atmosphere around them and are able to influence and shape it. They are highly emotional individuals themselves and have empathy skills.

The changes in the Performers mood are quite apparent — their movements, facial expressions, tone of voice change a lot.

The Ethical-Intuitive-Extroverts are often great story-tellers, with the ability to engage the listeners emotionally and switch their moods as the story goes. EIE enjoy being the centre of attention with ability to attract and hold the attention of a person or a crowd.

EIE are very persuasive and convincing, but not by providing a lot of reasoning, but by influencing the mood of a person.

The Performers often provide the insight on the situations or predict potential outcome (sometimes over dramatizing it). They generally tend to give precautions to people, suggest possible problems so that the person can take that into account and deal with them.

IEI feel the trends and time well. They are often interested in other epochs or fiction, not from the scientific point of view, but as an emotional attachment.

Refusing block: [:bL:] with [:wS:]

In a new kind of situation and meeting new people, The Performers try to make an impression of practical people due to their role [:bL:].

With the “Vulnerable„ [:wS:] The Ethical-Intuitive-Extroverts do not understand their body needs. Often EIE can create very beautiful interiors or combine clothes well, but they are always oriented towards the look and not comfort or practicalities. As EIE is a “Rational„ type, they have a tendency to keep their things in order including their flat or house or personal luggage. Often EIE are squeamish.

EIE can be very reckless with their health, often undertake some actions as if to hurt themselves – like walking on the heels with a crack in their leg. The description of a health problem will be over dramatized by them if it is a minor problem or belittled if it's a major one.

Accepting Block: [:wL:] with [:bS:]

EIE like the information to be structured and respect people who are able to think logically and reason their opinions. They also like people who are strong-willed and firm, who are able to set goals and achieve them. Often they expect and admire the old-fashioned chivalry.

The Performers are able learners in terms of structured thinking, but that is something they can develop, not something they've always had.

Subconscious Block: [:wE:] with [:bI:]

In a “back-against-the-wall„ kind of situation, EIE tend to speak in a very polite, but cold and diminishing manner, so that their opponent would want to disappear into the thin air.

The Performers see different alternatives and possibilities well, but are not interested in all the possible outcomes, focusing on the most probable one.