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EII - The Humanist


Full model: [:wE:][:bI:][:wL:][:bS:][:bL:][:wS:][:bE:][:wI:]

Short model: [:wE:][:bI:][:bS:][:bL:]

Belongs to: Delta Quadra

Ego Block: [:wE:] with [:bI:]

The Humanists are polite, tactful and delicate. They see the world through the prism of interpersonal relations and morality.

The Ethical-Intuitive-Introverts are able and ready to sympathize and provide moral support if needed and are considered the natural-born psychologists. They see all the nuances of the human relations and are aware of the real dispositions of attitudes between different people.

EII have an enormous devotion to people and treat other problems as their own. If help is needed, they will try very hard to provide it, even at their own expense. They are very good listeners.

The Humanist judge the actions of others from the positions of “right„ and “wrong„. But they don't force their opinion on people, being tolerant. But if they think someone is impolite and immoral person, they will avoid any contacts with him/her.

The Humanists are able to see the hidden potential, especially in people and relationships. They can see multiple outcomes of human relationships. EII are interested in self-growth and self-development.

Refusing block: [:wL:] with [:bS:]

In a new situation and meeting new people, EII may seem too formal due to the [:wL:] as their “Role„ function.

EII detest volitional pressure and brute force. They try to avoid people who are using force to achieve their goals. They dislike brutality and discussing fighting or violence.

EII might have problems setting up goals and fighting to achieve them.

Accepting Block: [:bL:] with [:wS:]

EII like people who know how to work efficiently and can teach them. They are very impressed when they see the work done neatly and are happy to listen and learn from people who do it. They respect people who know how to spare money where appropriated and are happy to help, if explained how to.

The Ethical-Intuitive-Introverts often prefer giving more that receiving and they care about someone else's health more that about their own.

The Humanist is happy to participate in a working activity, especially if it is efficiently organized and he could learn new skills from it.

EII respect people who are good at working with their hands. They like when the space is ergonomically organized.

Subconscious Block: [:bE:] with [:wI:]

In the “back-against-the-wall„ situation, the Humanist can become suddenly very emotional, loud and even cry.

They are generally punctual, but don't mind if others are not. The Humanists are not into stories and ideas that are not connected to the real life.