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ESE - The Enthusiast


Full model: [:bE:][:wS:][:bL:][:wI:][:wL:][:bI:][:wE:][:bS:]

Short model: [:bE:][:wS:][:wI:][:wL:]

Belongs to: Alpha Quadra

Ego Block: [:bE:] with [:wS:]

The Enthusiasts are emotional people, who normally have the viral overly positive attitude. They are able to influence people with their emotions and when happy and satisfied themselves can be extremely fun, outgoing and able to improve the emotional states of others.

They have strong empathy skills and can always see when a person is emotionally uncomfortable.

ESE perceive the world emotionally and every little detail can arise an emotional reaction in them. They are able to arouse a person from his or her indifference easily. They tend to seed the excitement into the others and remember the emotions better than other circumstances.

The Ethical-Sensory-Extroverts are great hosts, love entertaining others and feel comfortable in a big company of people.

ESE can create a comfortable space with a few quick moves and love decorating with the emphases on cosiness and physical comfort. Being extroverts, they can arrange everything to host a big party and entertain a crowd of people easily.

The Ethical-Sensory-Extroverts care a lot about physical comfort of others. They know how and are happy to take care of someone who's hungry or sick. They have the ability to create a meal out of almost nothing. Very often they like to cook. Unlike the types with the [:wS:] in their “Leading„ function, the ESE see the physical comfort as the way to create the right mood.

ESE tend to have a schedule and are very well organized.

The Enthusiasts also feel their own body well and have the natural instincts for what to eat or how to help themselves when they are ill or when to go to a doctor. They feel confident about this topics and are happy to express their views on the subject.

Refusing block: [:bL:] with [:wI:]

Sometimes the Enthusiasts are trying to make an impression of practical and thrifty — that is because of the [:bL:] in their “Role„ function. But they don't have much interest in practicalities and financial matters. They see money as the resource for fun and well-being.

The Enthusiasts don't waste time on dreaming and prefer actually doing things instead. They are not reflective people and dislike idle talk or what they consider empty fantasies.

It is very hard for them to see the general trends or make the connections in how the past influences the future. They are not interested in soul-searching or non-logical mental constructions. The Ethical-Sensory-Extroverts don't think about the distant future consequences and are guided by the immediate circumstances.

Accepting Block: [:wL:] with [:bI:]

The Enthusiasts enjoy when someone explains logically and structurally a situation to them. They also enjoy structural descriptions of people and things.

The Ethical-Sensory-Extroverts like being provided with clear and schematic explanations and are happy to listen to well-structured talks for a long time. This kind of explanations attract them almost from the aesthetically point of view — how beautifully someone put things together to make it all clear.

They respect unfaintingly diligent people with logical thinking, who are able to summarize things for them and explain in a well-structured way.

The ESE are open to new opportunities and experiences.

Subconscious Block: [:wE:] with [:bS:]

In a “back-against-the-wall„ kind of situation they become exaggeratedly polite or appeal to the moral rules — “How dare you!„.

They try to avoid the conflict by all means possible. In case of a conflict they would rather show that they are upset by hiding away. This is to protect their duals weak [:bS:].