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ESI - The Judge


Full model: [:wE:][:bS:][:wL:][:bI:][:bL:][:wI:][:bE:][:wS:]

Short model: [:wE:][:bS:][:bI:][:bL:]

Belongs to: Gamma Quadra

Ego Block: [:wE:] with [:bS:]

The Judges have a solid moral framework and judge the world based on it. Their moral is derived from the moral rules adopted by the society the Judge belongs to.

The Ethical-Sensory-Introverts see the human relations very well and are always aware of the attitudes towards each other in a group of people, if there are any intrigues going on etc.

They are very strict with other people, expecting them to fit into their moral framework. ESI are forcing people to behave in what they believe is in people's own best interest. They often give advices and expect people to accept them. They are also very self-critical and challenge themselves.

ESI sense very well what moral mistakes can a person make and try to correct that behaviour, whether they've been asked for an advice or not. They also sense lies and hypocrisy.

ESI are ready to accept the responsibility not only for themselves but for others and will act as they believe is right and better for the person, even if he or she has a different opinion.

Social status and success is important to them.

Refusing block: [:wL:] with [:bI:]

In the new situation and meeting the new people ESI try to justify their behaviour and opinions with logic, though might be caught on inconsistencies as their vision is based on the moral not logical guidelines.

Their own attitudes towards other people are often characterized by the distrust. ESI are wary of others and expect worse from people. It is not easy to win their trust and it depends on the morally correct and overly polite behaviour.

The Judges feel stressed in the situation of uncertainty, they have troubles foreseeing the potential outcomes.

They dislike people who have a disregard for the social codes.

Accepting Block: [:bL:] with [:wI:]

ESI like people with business qualities, who are able to achieve success in the material world. They are ready to learn in the sphere work effectiveness and achieving material success.

They like when people can give them precautions of the consequences of their actions or unforeseen outcomes of a situation.

Subconscious Block: [:bE:] with [:wS:]

In a “back-against-the-wall„ situation, ESI might lose their temper and pressure a person emotionally. They might become pretty loud and make a scene.

They are able to take care of the physical comfort of others, but will not emphasize it.