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IEE - The Mentor


Full model: [:bI:][:wE:][:bS:][:wL:][:wS:][:bL:][:wI:][:bE:]

Short model: [:bI:][:wE:][:wL:][:wS:]

Belongs to: Delta Quadra

Ego Block: [:bI:] with [:wE:]

The Mentors are driven by the sense of interest or boredom. They like to find new experiences, to be in a new kind of situations and to be inspired by the new concepts.

Intuitive-Ethical-Extroverts see the multiple potential outcomes of a given situation and are able to hold them all in their head at the same time as well as to see the essence of a situation. They see what opportunities a given situation offers.

The Mentors are able to build an opinion about a person very quickly and correctly, they see the essence of a person as easy as an essence of a situation. But they are concentrating most on who a person might become and not so much on who he is at the moment and therefore see people in a more positive way.

They enjoy helping people to expand their talents and encourage people to the self-growth and personal development. IEE have very good people skills and are able to find the right approach in the interpersonal relations to make a good impression.

The Mentors are easily distracted and generally spontaneous. They often switch from topic to topic in a conversation. Intuitive-Ethical-Extroverts often have a spur-of-a-moment ideas and their interests are broad.

IEE believe that all people are entitled to different opinions, but expect any discussion to be polite and respectful.

Intuitive-Ethical-Extroverts have a strong sense of morals and though they generally try to avoid a conflict, they would stand up for their opinion if their moral principals were confronted.

The Mentors are very aware of the interpersonal relations and can use them to their benefit.

Refusing block: [:bS:] with [:wL:]

Meeting new people, Mentors can be quite forceful and bold due to the [:bS:] as their “Role„ function.

The Mentors tend to avoid open conflicts and consider them being draining and nerve-wracking. If someone puts them under a direct pressure, trying to force them to do something, they would either stay polite, defending their position ‘through their ideas of “right„ and “wrong„ or in case of aggression from outside use their [:wE:] to hit a tender spot of a person psychologically.

The Mentors find it hard to understand the formal logic, dislike hierarchies in interpersonal relations and find it hard to make a choice. They prefer practical explanations to the theoretical ones.

Accepting Block: [:wS:] with [:bL:]

The Mentors like when someone takes care of their physical comfort and well-being. They are easily convinced in the health and comfort matters.

Intuitive-Ethical-Extroverts would gladly try to impress someone with their household skills, they would be exited if someone else would show the ability in this area (cooking, creating physical comfort etc.)

IEE respect the knowledge of what needs to be done and how. That includes the comfort and well-being skills mentioned above — if explained on the real-life situations and with practical reasoning, the Mentors would gladly take the advice.

Subconscious Block: [:wI:] with [:bE:]

When pushed into doing something they don't want to do and they've tried all the other strategies that are typical for their normal behaviour, IEE will use phrases like "I'll do it, but not right now" or "Sure, but maybe next time?".

IEE can feel other people emotions, but have problems verbalizing or letting them through their conscience. They are able and tend to calm people down, if they believe emotions are running too strong.