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IEI - the Dreamer


Full model: [:wI:][:bE:][:wS:][:bL:][:bS:][:wL:][:bI:][:wE:]

Short model: [:wI:][:bE:][:bL:][:bS:]

Belongs to: Beta Quadra

Ego Block: [:wI:]+[:bE:]

As [:wI:] is the Dreamer's strongest function, they see the world in dynamic, observe the changes, notices the trends. This includes noticing the changes in the society in general, seeing how the past influences the present and the future; and also how individuals change throughout their lives.

'Though Dreamers do feel time flow very well, they are not punctual - they do come on time when they feel it is absolutely necessary and of great importance but also easily can be late in other circumstances. Often being late plays to their advantage. In other words, normally they do not get in trouble for being late.

Dreamers can “kill„ other people's time, dragging them into nice chats, creating emotional atmosphere, making others to forget about time completely.

Dreamers are very good at self-searching and know themselves very well. They are able to stay internally solid in different situations, ‘though they adapt their behaviour to different people and situations ([:bE:] as the second function).

Intuitive-Ethical-Introverts have empathy skills ([:bE:]), which they might use to inspire or influence people. They can be very supportive for someone they admire and care about, using their [:wI:] to describe the bright future in an emotional way ([:bE:]), to help a person believe in himself, to remind him who this person is and what he is doing in life.

They can influence the emotional atmosphere in a company of people, ‘though the more people are present, the harder it is for the Intuitive-Ethical-Introvert. This is due to their introversion.

The Dreamers often have feelings about the outcome of some actions or situation ([:wI:]), being able to say whether the outcome is good or bad, but most of the time not able to explain why or what exactly will happen (this is due to the [:wI:] being blocked with ethics, not logic).

Often they are lost in their dreams or thoughts, not noticing what is going on around them. They speak passionately ([:bE:]) if interested and seem to be “somewhere else„ if not.

Refusing block: [:wS:] + [:bL:]

In a new company they might speak about comfort, food or health, trying to look knowledgeable. This is only to make a “safe„ first impression, to hide the real character under a mask, while getting used to the new people.

If others discuss health, food or comfort with him, the Dreamer can get bored, annoyed or irritated, depending on who is talking to the Dreamer and how much they trying to make him do something about it.

They are pretty careless about the health, trying to ignore the problems ( both as a matter of principle and being to lazy to deal with it). Dreamers dislike when others are paying too much attention to the health or are too serious about it. They see the concerns over the health as a sign of weakness and admire people who are defying pain or illness with the sheer willpower or at least make an impression of someone who couldn't care less about the problem. Serious discussions about the health also makes them uncomfortable, they will try to switch the topic or rebel, stating loud and clear (even with pride) that they don't care.

They don't understand their own body. These are people who can “forget„ to eat even for a couple of days and then wonder why they are not feeling very well. They bear the physical discomfort well and would never prioritize the comfort and cosiness.

IEI finds it very hard to allocate the assets, they are unable to find the most efficient action or method - [:bL:] is their weakest function. They don't like when people who try to explain to them what is the most efficient way of performing some action and like when people do it for them. Mostly they are not ashamed of their lack of practicality, on the contrary they like to let people know and find it an attractive quality in themselves, seeing themselves as airy creatures.

Accepting Block: [:bS:] + [:wL:]

Dreamers admire wilful strong people and look down on weakness. They like to see themselves as strong individuals, but expect their partners to be stronger. Being strong doesn't come natural to them, but they are able and willing to learn quickly.

Dreamers find it easier when information is given to them in a well structured way, when the explanations fit into one system. They aren't good at summarizing, putting a meaning into short phrases, though enjoy when others do it.

Subconscious Block: [:bI:]+[:wE:]

Being in a “back against the wall„ kind of situation, IEI would defend himself by saying “it is impossible„ or “I can't do it„.

The IEI are able to see if someone is being manipulated. They also sense if someone is intriguing against them, 'though are not able to point out what exactly is going on or verbalize the problem.