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ILE - The Innovator


Full model: [:bI:][:wL:][:bS:][:wE:][:wS:][:bE:][:wI:][:bL:]

Short model: [:bI:][:wL:][:wE:][:wS:]

Belongs to: Alpha Quadra

Ego Block: [:bI:] with [:wL:]

The Innovators are interested in a big picture and tend to generalize information (both on people and things), omitting the details they deem unimportant. They are able to see the potential of ideas and projects and are typically quick learners. They are interested in factual information.

Intuitive-Logical-Extroverts see several possible solutions to a task with the idea in mind that at least one solution will eventually work out. They are also able to find a creative approach to problem solving, invent a completely new method or concept. They are full of ideas ( creative, scientific etc).

They are good at seeing the essence of a problem or idea and pointing it out to others.

The Innovators are able to systematize knowledge and notice and explain the logical connections. And they are very good at explaining things and often can explain something in many different ways. They like to share their knowledge.

They like to be in ambiguous situations, feeling restricted by the certainty. The ambiguity gives them enough space to find new solutions or create unexpected ideas. Therefore they work better on the flexible schedule and dislike the routine work.

In their actions, the Innovators rely on what they see as logical and fair. The idea of fairness is not based for them on the societies moral, but on their own logical framework.

Their manner of speech might seem unstructured to others, but that is not due to the lack of their own understanding, but because in their speech they only use the parts of the full picture that they find relevant for a particular case, omitting the rest.

Intuitive-Logical-Extroverts are natural explorers interested in new and unusual, generating different ideas that are often not connected to each other.

Refusing block: [:bS:] with [:wE:]

In a new circle of people, Intuitive-Logical-Extroverts tend to present themselves as self-assured people, but they don't hold to that image for a long time. But they like to make that impression.

The ILE are not interested in forcing others to do things, and dislike when someone tries to force them. They will challenge the abuse of power and detest someone's authority that is based on the power and will.

The weakest aspect for the Innovator is [:wE:], therefore they are very uncertain in the field of interpersonal relations. It is hard for them to pick up the right psychological distance and they react very nervously to the suggestions that they might be “impolite„ or that they have a lack of manners. They might easily be overacting to such suggestion, either by being very upset or by defending themselves aggressively, which might in it's turn seem rude and unreasonable to the observers. ‘Though unless confronted about their behavior they prefer to avoid conflicts, but still can be the initiators of conflicts despite their will due to the weak ([:wE:]).

They might have trust issues and the negative experience in the area of human relations can stay for long and manifest itself years later, triggered by a remotely related situation.

Accepting Block: [:wS:] with [:bE:]

People of this type are grateful for creating a relaxing, comfortable atmosphere, for taking care of their health and well-being. They are very acceptive of this kind of help and tend to listen to others opinions on the matter. They are able and willing to learn in this area and admire people to whom it comes naturally.

The Innovators react very well to the positive emotions and like the stable emotional atmosphere. They also like a positive emotional response when talking about what they find interesting — e.g. their own ideas or the concepts they have found. They value good listeners who are able to response to what they say, asking interesting questions and give emotional feedback.

The [:bE:] is also the function that helps to evaluate things that would be evaluated by the [:wE:] of some other types. The warm emotional response helps them to understand that they didn't unwillingly offend anyone (weak [:wE:]) and to think of themselves as a “good person„.

Subconscious Block: [:wI:] with [:bL:]

The Innovators are interested in the different possibilities rather than the exact potential outcome. They would prefer to think of the multiple ways something might resolve rather than dwell on the foreseeing one and most probable resolution.

The ILE are not interested in the practical side of things and they don't think of the benefit when creating something. They can take care of business side of things, but that doesn't bring them much enjoyment — they just do it as a necessary evil and normally don't talk about it in great detail. That way they protect the weakest function of their duals — [:bL:].

They are a lot more interested in creating something new than finding the best way to implement it.