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ILI - The Observer


Full model: [:wI:][:bL:][:wS:][:bE:][:bS:][:wE:][:bL:][:wL:]

Short model: [:wI:][:bL:][:bE:][:bS:]

Belongs to: Gamma Quadra

Ego Block: [:wI:] with [:bL:]

The Observers are people with the ability to see the trends and forecast the future events or an outcome of a particular situation. This ability might not be purely intuitive, but is a combination of the strong intuition and logic.

The Observers spend sufficient amount of their time thinking, analysing and reflecting. They like remembering part past events. They are nostalgic, remembering the past and thinking how it could have been different. But they are not inclined to share this thoughts and observations with others. If they do comment on a person, situation or opinion, their comments are very accurate, precise and often sarcastic.

They see the image of a person and are very attuned to any changes. If the person destroys the first image and they lose respect and therefore interest.

The Intuitive-Logical-Introverts have the ability to notice contradictions in conclusions very well and point them to others. They are naturally sceptical and can pour the cold water on someone whom they believe to be overenthusiastic.

The Observers are natural critics — they see the disadvantages very well and have the logical reasoning behind their conclusions. On the other hand, that often means that they are sceptical about everything, including themselves and their own potential, which combined with the introversion makes them shy, reserved and unenthusiastic. Therefore, although ILI naturally are able to see the ways to get the profit, often they do not take the opportunity. Yet if they already have the responsibility, they can be hard-workers and are able to handle the business matters very well.

As all types with the strong [:bL:], ILI understand the efficiency very well, but they are not interested in the ergonomics (unlike the [:bL:] types of the Delta Quadra), they prefer to think about the efficiency in the global sense — e.g. politics, society, history etc. Though they certainly are able to find the most efficient way in the more day-to-day situations, it just doesn't attract their attention that much.

They are instinctively extremely punctual.

Refusing block: [:wS:] with [:bE:]

In the situations of social interaction with the new people, the Observers try to look tidy and knowledgeable in the sphere of physical comfort, therefore might talk about the food (discuss cooking or recommend restaurants), that is due to the [:wS:] as their role function. This is only a short-term reaction. In fact, the Observers pay little attention to the physical comfort and often see the health matters as “something is broken, needs to be repaired„, but can often be inadequate in evaluating the problem (e.g. take too many\not enough pills). They often take an effort-profit attitude towards the health and well-being, where profit is evaluated in the external beauty ([:bS:] instead of [:wS:]) — e.g. if you sit on a diet, your body will be slim.

The Observers don't like emotional people and the free expression of one's emotions makes them uncomfortable. If someone raises their voice, the Observers have a desire to hide away and be left alone. They also think that if a person raises voice, he probably doesn't have anything to say and lacks a valid point in the conversation. ‘Though if the raised voice conversation would be turned into a joke, that would ease things up for them. Even too much enthusiasm, excitement and positive emotions are too hard for them too handle, all due to the [:bE:] in their “Vulnerable„ function. That also mean that the Observers seem very calm, emotionless people. They are often socially awkward.

Accepting Block: [:bS:] with [:wE:]

The Intuitive-Logical-Introverts are impressed by the power and high social status. They respect powerful and influential people. They can be motivated by these people, but the motivation needs to come in the shape of gentle ethical guidance.

The Observers are interested in the interpersonal relations and like to listen to people who are able to see those and comment on them. They respect people who are polite, headstrong and don't let their emotions to take control of them. And accept guidance on the correct behaviour in a particular situation.

The Observers are not naturally forceful or decisive, but are able to learn and obtain these qualities in the course of life.

The ILI believe that following moral rules is important.

Subconscious Block: [:bI:] with [:wL:]

In a “back-against-the-wall„ kind of situation, ILI will be defending their position by saying “this is impossible„ or “I am not able to do it„.

The Observers are not interested in all possible solutions, they prefer to analyse what is the most probable outcome.

The Observers take into the account all the factual information. Whether they are thinking about the society or mechanism, they will undertake logical analyses to come to the conclusions. But they are not keen on the generalizations or schemas, instead they are interested in how things actually work ([:bL:] instead of the [:wL:]).