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LIE - The Entrepreneur


Full model: [:bL:][:wI:][:bE:][:wS:][:wE:][:bS:][:wL:][:bI:]

Short model: [:bL:][:wI:][:wS:][:wE:]

Belongs to: Gamma Quadra

Ego Block: [:bL:] with [:wI:]

The Entrepreneurs perceive the world as full of possibilities for profit. They know how to solve a problem in the most efficient way, how to use the resources to obtain the maximum profit. Unlike the Administrators the Entrepreneurs take into account luck, coincidences and trends, as their “Creative„ function is [:wI:].

The Logical-Intuitive-Extroverts quickly adapt to changes and might switch from one occupation to another if they feel the previous position has exhausted all possibilities. They like to see real-life implementations of their projects and are not interested in completely abstract theories.

LIE prefer to earn more rather than to spend less and are happy to spend big sums of money on their life-style. They prefer big tasks and work on impulse rather than to do a routine work and might lack attention to the details.

The Entrepreneurs have the foresight and think about the consequences of their actions. They dislike unreliable people.

LIE work well in the unstable situations and are quick thinkers. They can feel what opportunities current epoch gives them and use the objective situation in the world to their benefit. They enjoy the intense schedule and have a lot of energy.

They are mostly punctual, especially if that is something important for them.

Refusing block: [:bE:] with [:wS:]

The Entrepreneurs are easy-going and friendly. In new situations they might seem quite emotional and open due to the [:bE:] as their role function. But behind that mask they are relatively emotionally disengaging and dislike very emotional people and are especially negative about the emotional pressure on them.

LIE don't understand or feel their body well. They might prefer to ignore the health problems completely or on the contrary be panicking about every suspicion.

Everything in the area of physical comfort is disorientating for the Entrepreneurs. And that might go to any extremes — from obsession with ideal cleanness in their house to forgetting to clean up a flat for long periods of time, from not taking any medicine to running to a doctor with minor headaches. And they dislike people who try to force the correct behaviour in this area of life on them. They would only accept help in this area if it is veiled.

Accepting Block: [:wE:] with [:bS:]

LIE are not naturally good at seeing other people motivation or attitudes towards them, yet they are able to learn that. They respect people who are good at seeing interpersonal relations.

They also are happy to accept guidance on the moral rules and correct and polite behaviour. The Logical-Intuitive-Extroverts respect people with an unobstructed moral compass.

The Logical-Intuitive-Extroverts care a lot about their image and social prestige and also respect powerful and influential individuals.

Despite the fact that LIE are very practically oriented, they might lack the ability to set up exact goals and chase them for a sufficient time. That's again where the help is appreciated.

Subconscious Block: [:wL:] with [:bI:]

In a “back-against-the-wall„ kind of situation LIE start to explain everything over and over again, proving their reasoning ([:wL:]).

The Logical-Intuitive-Extroverts are not interested in theoretical concepts, preferring factual evidence and the real life experiences.

LIE are able to see different potential outcomes of a situation or multiple ways of solving a problem, but do not to waste their time thinking about them — they are concentrated on the most possible outcome or the most efficient way to solve a problem.