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LII - The Analyst


Full model: [:wL:][:bI:][:wE:][:bS:][:bE:][:wS:][:bL:][:wI:]

Short model: [:wL:][:bI:][:bS:][:bE:]

Belongs to: Alpha Quadra

Ego Block: [:wL:] with [:bI:]

The Analysts sees the world as a single structured system, where all the elements are logically interconnected. People of this type strain after order and logic in their own mind and around them. The Logical-Intuitive-Introverts are able to pay attention to details and work accurately.

LII accept new information, categorise it in their mind and place it into the bigger scheme of things. The Analysts are very good at summarizing, structuring information, placing it into the shape of diagrams and charts or creating other info-graphics. LII also easily notice the illegitimacies and inconsistencies.

The Analysts have very stiff principles and ideas of justice. These are based on their logic and therefore on the idea of fairness, but not on the moral rules of the society or family. They are ready to defend their principles and will not walk past something they see as injustice. LII put their principles higher than their own interests or interests of their family and the close ones.

The Analysts are able to see multiple potential outcomes and are seeking knowledge in wide spectrum of topics. They prefer abstract theories and are a lot less interested in their practical implementation.

With their strong [:bI:] LII can expand and add on their vision of the world with what they can sense without practical experience or seeing for real.

Refusing block: [:wE:] with [:bS:]

When meeting new people, LII normally behave politely and try hard to make an impression of well-mannered individual due to the [:wE:] as their “Role„ function.

The Analysts have a very logical-minded approach to the morality rules and their principles might be different from those of the society they live in.

The Logical-Intuitive-Introverts have difficulty to understand attitudes towards them unless they see strong emotions.

LII hate being under volitional pressure and can become extremely stubborn and repetitive, loosing the ability to think the situation through objectively. They may emotionally explode and slam the door, but their anger will not be targeted at anyone, but will be impersonal and a sign of their own distress.

They hate being manipulated and dislike people who use the interpersonal relations to achieve their goals.

It is hard for them to be the leaders as they are not able to force people into something and always reserve to the purely logical reasoning. They can only be in senior positions if it doesn't require them to aggressively protect themselves. They try to resolve the conflicts with logic, appealing to the justice and not by using the power.

The Analysts take no part in power-struggles and do not see who is really in control of the situation.

Accepting Block: [:bE:] with [:wS:]

The Analysts like loud emotional people who can infect them with their laughter and positive emotions. They get influenced by emotions very easily due to the [:bE:] in their “Suggestive„ function.

LII seem to be quite and reserved and formal, but are happy to become emotionally engaging if supported by someone more openly emotional. They understand the attitudes towards them by the emotions shown and appreciate emotional warmth.

Subconscious Block: [:bL:] with [:wI:]

In a “back-against-the-wall„ kind of situation, LII will reserve to some kind of working, whether that is writing the papers or washing the dishes, to cut off the conflicting person.

They are punctual, but are very tolerable towards those who aren't. LII feel the time flow well. They can notice the trends and changes, but are not interested in discussing them. They are quite self-aware, but are not interested in self-reflection.