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LSE - The Administrator


Full model: [:bL:][:wS:][:bE:][:wI:][:wE:][:bI:][:wL:][:wS:]

Short model: [:bL:][:wS:][:wI:][:wE:]

Belongs to: Delta Quadra

Ego Block: [:bL:] with [:wS:]

The Administrators perceive the world through the [:bL:] and that makes them very capable of the correct distribution of resources and finding the most efficient way of performing a task.

They are often seen as responsible and reliable individuals.

The Logical-Sensory-Extroverts are extremely hard-working individuals, putting a lot of energy and effort in whatever they do. It is very important for them to think through every task, prepare and collect all the information upfront and they have a great attention to details. Their ability to work is unlimited and unfailing, LSE have enormous devotion to whatever they are working on and are perfectionists.

They are able to see how to get profit and are interested in practical implementations of things. The Administrators tend also to concentrate on minimizing the expenses.

Working hard is natural for the Administrators, therefore they don't praise people much for their work, but might praise the extra-work done. They believe it is normal to undertake the huge amounts of work (both for themselves and for the others) and very rarely complain about being tired. They also make no allowances at work and expect from people to do as much as they would expect from themselves (and in their case — that's a lot).

The flexible [:wS:] in “Creative„ function allows LSE to be able to translate their ability to find the efficient way of things into the material world. The Logical-Sensory-Extroverts organize the space in the ordered, ergonomic way.

The Logical-Sensory-Extroverts are often skilled craftsman and enjoy working with their hands.

The Administrators notice easily if someone is ill and are able to suggest the treatment or advice someone to go to a doctor, but will not insist, considering that a private matter. They put their work and responsibilities ahead of their health. They see the physical comfort as a neutral state – when nothing hurts.

LSE are not gourmands, they eat to refill their energy levels and are not interested in delicacy.

Refusing block: [:bE:] with [:wI:]

In the new company of people, the Administrators make an impression of lively and friendly people, who like trading jokes. But that image only applies to them, only when meeting strangers. Generally LSE are calm, logical-minded and unemotional.

The Logical-Sensory-Extroverts don't like it when people raise their voice, seeing it as impolite and believe that the opponent simply ran out of reasons to support their point of view. In the situation of emotional complications — if someone is angry or upset — they prefer to back off and give the other person time to calm down.

LSE do not rely on the luck or inspiration, only on the effort they put into something.

The Logical-Sensory-Extroverts see time as the most hard to find resource. They don't like being hurried or if someone hold them back and it results in them being late. They try to be punctual, but have troubles feeling the time flow correctly. Being late is stressful for them and they often are not able to fit the amount of work into the given time time frame and end up working overtime.

The Administrators dislike idleness and dreams or ideas that has no connections to the real life. They are not self-reflective people and prefer to think about the tasks at hand instead of analysing their motives. They are often unaware of their own emotions and how they affect their behaviour.

The Administrators work better in the stable environment.

Accepting Block: [:wE:] with [:bI:]

The Administrators normally choose the long psychological distance communicating with people and are very secretive.

The Logical-Sensory-Extroverts are very sensitive to any demonstration of dishonesty, backstabbing or deception and feel hurt if someone accuses them of this kind of behaviour.

They are oriented towards people who are delicate, polite, decent and have high moral standards.

The Administrators don't have natural people skills but can develop them through time.

The Administrators respect people who are able to think originally as long as their ideas have practical implementation. Often they are interested in new technologies, possible future geopolitics and new gadgets and scientific discoveries. They generally like the new information (often from the broad spectrum of topics) as long as it is tied to the real world.

Subconscious Block: [:wL:] with [:bS:]

In the “back-against-the-wall„ kind of situation LSE can become very repetitive, stubbornly stating again and again the logic of their actions or the reasoning behind their opinions.

The Administrators have respectful manners and apologise if believed to have displayed crudeness (which often they haven't). They dislike the aggression and open confrontations and will try to ignore it and go their own way. LSE can be forceful, stiff and stubborn but only in the matters of self-protection and would not “attack„ first.