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LSI - The Commander


Full model: [:wL:][:bS:][:wE:][:bI:][:bE:][:wI:][:bL:][:wS:]

Short model: [:wL:][:bS:][:bI:][:bE:]

Belongs to: Beta Quadra

Ego Block: [:wL:] with [:bS:]

The Logical-Sensory-Introverts are explaining the events in their life, people behaviour and motivation with a structured logical approach and build their future expectations based on the logic. They are very good at analysing and structuring information with great attention to details.

The Commanders are forceful and stiff individuals, who defend their opinions and positions stubbornly, reserving to the aggression if needed. ‘Though often they are not required to do that — their rational mind allows them to support their arguments with pure logic. And their opinions normally are very well-formulated and lack any ambiguity.

'Though they can make an impression of calm and reserved individuals, The Commanders are moody and quick-tempered. But they tend to be very gentle and protective of the close ones, while they also might be harsh on those who aren't. LSI can go to extreme length to protect those they believe are in their charge.

The Commanders are natural leaders and tend to force their decisions on others, but also take the full responsibility for their decisions and actions. They can see the disposition of power, and unlike the Conquerors have a flexible [:bS:] — they can back-off if they feel the odds are against them and look for a different “way-in„.

The Commanders dislike people who can't express their thoughts in a more or less structured way, jump from topic to topic or misuse the terms.

Refusing block: [:wE:] with [:bI:]

In an unfamiliar situation, the Commanders try to be polite and show good manners. Their ability to do that depends on whether they are aware of the behavioural patterns for this particular situation or not, but normally they have some standard pattern to use when meeting new people.

In further communication and on shorter psychological distance they unpredictably and unintentionally say things, that might be considered rude, ‘though that normally comes from their straight-forwardness and factual thinking. LSI own manners and behaviour are subject to logic — since their childhood they adapt the patterns of behaviour, therefore their words or actions might seem out of place, mechanical and sometimes rude (completely unintentionally).

Due to the weak [:bI:], the Commanders tend to be very suspicious (borderline paranoid) in almost all areas of life. They try to logically analyse and forecast every single potential outcome of a situation, but as there is always a chance that they lack some information while making their logical conclusions, they often misjudge the situation. That ruins the balance for them and makes them feel powerless in the face of the unpredictable circumstances. And forces them to think and analyse the potential outcomes of the next situation twice as hard with the fear they might make the same mistake again.

LSI suspicions are also very strong towards other people — it takes them a lot of time to start trusting others and let them into their lives.

Accepting Block: [:bE:] with [:wI:]

The Logical-Sensory-Introverts admire emotional people. Being quite reserved themselves, they like to be energized by others. The emotional reaction makes them feel appreciated and needed. Because of their naturally wary attitude towards people, they need a very open and clear confirmation of love and care. It is not that important that the emotions towards LSI are positive — a lot more important is that they are sincere and strong.

If LSI have been in a close relationship with that kind of person, they might become a lot more loud, relaxed and open themselves.

The Commanders also are grateful for an intuitive advice on the outcome of the situation. Considering they try to forecast the outcomes with the logic and based purely on facts, a person with a strong intuition might point out a missed (due to the lack of information) element to them and correct their conclusions.

Subconscious Block: [:bL:] with [:wS:]

In a “back-against-the-wall„ kind of situation, LSI will most probably “save their breath„ and physically perform some action to resolve the problem. Considering their strong [:bS:] in the first block, they are pretty convincing and others involved often back-off without any desire to continue the argument.

They don't verbalize problems with health or comfort and can be very unconcerned about their own health or health of others, unless the situation is life-threatening. The health problems seem to them something to be ashamed of, as if they let down the close ones if they are ill.