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SEE - The Ambassador


Full model: [:bS:][:wE:][:bI:][:wL:][:wI:][:bL:][:wS:][:bE:]

Short model: [:bS:][:wE:][:wL:][:wI:]

Belongs to: Gamma Quadra

Ego Block: [:bS:] with [:wE:]

The Ambassadors are people of action. They are active and energetic. The Ambassadors are natural leaders and do not hesitate to take the initiative. Their ambitions ([:bS:]) are tied into the real world ([:bL:]). Social matters are important to them([:wE:]) .

The Ambassadors have natural people skills ([:wE:]) and are very good at persuading others. They know what to say and to whom to get what they want.

When asked by close ones for help, they are proactive and prefer to help by solving the problem, not just listening and talking.

If hurt by someone, the Ambassadors can easily find the tender spot and use it.

Sensory-Ethical-Extroverts enjoy social gathering and direct their energy into the sphere of interpersonal relationships. They are keen to meet new people and make new connections. They often evaluate things from the point of interpersonal relationships.

SEE are often impatient and always find it easier to act rather than to wait.

Refusing block: [:bI:] with [:wL:]

As [:bI:] is the Ambassador's "Role" function, when he meets new people, above all he tries to present himself as an interesting person.

But the role function is weak, so the Ambassadors are not good at seeing a situation as a whole, summarizing and seeing the potential outcomes ( if the situation is outside of the area of interpersonal relations). Sometimes they “move first, think later„. In case of complications they believe they could deal with them afterwards.

The vulnerable [:wL:] makes them dislike hierarchies, they judge people by their status, but it doesn't affect their behaviour towards a person. It is hard for them to be consistent, follow a plan and obey formal rules (do not mistake with social or moral rules). They find it esier to make the important decisions, while it's hard to make a choice in something not so important.

They don't like it when someone tries to bring order and stability to their lives.

Accepting Block: [:wI:] with [:bL:]

For SEE it is hard to take a step back and evaluate the current state of affairs.

The Ambassadors like to listen to people who can explain and discuss the tendencies in the society and life and support their opinions with facts.

They are happy to accept an advice on the possible outcome of a real-life situation. They are interested in intuition and intuitive predictions.

They are fascinated by historical developments, often enjoy feeling nostalgic for a different age (probably the age they haven't actually living in).

When dealing with theoretical problems they substitute their weak [:wL:] with the [:bL:] which is in their Quadra Values. They prefer to see how things work not how the are. They are interested in practical side of the world and they respect people who achieve material goals.

Subconscious Block: [:wS:] with [:bE:]

In a "back-against-the-wall" kind of situation, SEE might get rid of a problem by claiming being too tired, going to sleep etc.

The SEE might pour cold water on people who in their opinion get overscited or too emotional.