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SEI - The Hedonist


Full model: [:wS:][:bE:][:wI:][:bL:][:bI:][:wL:][:bS:][:wL:]

Short model: [:wS:][:bE:][:bI:][:wL:]

Belongs to: Alpha Quadra

Ego Block: [:wS:] with [:bE:]

The Hedonists are most sensible to the kinaesthetics kind of information. They are very aware of their body position, how the touch of the cloth feels or whether the temperature around them is comfortable. Smells, touches, tastes — that is how they perceive the reality around them.

The Sensory-Ethical-Introverts also are very aware of the state their body's in, knowing very well how to treat illnesses or when to visit a doctor. And as well are able to notice straight away if someone is ill even if it is the very beginning of cold.

The SEI can enjoy comfortable position and relaxed atmosphere for hours, whether that is sitting on the warm sand watching the ocean, feeling the wind on their skin, watching the waves or sitting in a chair by the fire, enjoying the warmth of the flames.

Their mood and activity level depends highly on their health and comfort — if they are uncomfortable or have, for example, a headache — that would be sufficient to put them off their stride.

The Hedonists enjoy being in and create a conflict-free and relaxed emotional atmosphere. Minimizing negative emotions is more important for them than experiencing the positive emotions.

The Hedonists are very good at making the surroundings cosy, the food healthy and tasty and the atmosphere positive and low-key.

They enjoy all the physical sensations and are viral at it — if the SEI is eating something, people might be inclined to try the food as well — just because the SEI seems to enjoy it so much.

SEI are often good, attentive and compassionate listeners.

The Hedonists have empathy skills and are able to manipulate other's emotions. Often they use this ability to calm the hostile atmosphere.

Refusing block: [:wI:] with [:bL:]

It is hard for the SEI to work to a deadline. They try to make a schedule appropriate for the time frame, but somehow end up with a lot of work and the quickly approaching deadline, finishing the work the last moment.

The Sensory-Ethical-Introverts dislike being in a hurry and often prefer to leave way too much time and be ready long before an event (boarding of a plane, a meeting etc) just to be relaxed and comfortable about it. ‘Though they are punctual only if the situation requires them to be, and van easily be late if the circumstances are not of great importance. But if they know they are running late, they will not sacrifice their comfort to get there on time.

If approached for help, they would most probably help by being compassionate, but not by actively doing something.

SEI don't understand practicalities of things, effectiveness of work or what is the best way to get the profit. And they dislike people who are chasing money for the sake of it. They are uncomfortable with what is the best way to accomplish an action. SEI often see people who are operating factual information and interested in practical side of things as dry and harsh.

Accepting Block: [:bI:] with [:wL:]

SEI enjoy listening to the new theories and concepts, especially when those are well-structured. They are grateful to people who help them to explore the new horizons and introduce the ideas that describe the world, some specific aspects of the reality or society, in a generalizing way showing the essence of the concept and explaining the theoretical background. They are not interested in implementing these ideas in the real life and especially the specifics of the implementation — only in the concept itself.

Though they often lead a quiet and comfortable way of life, they will be happy to travel and see new places or otherwise get new experiences if there is someone to introduce them to this idea and excite them by providing clear information describing it.

Subconscious Block: [:bS:] with [:wE:]

In a “back-against-the-wall„ kind of situation the SEI can be aggressive, straight-forward and forceful.

SEI are able to see the interpersonal relations well and notice if someone tries to manipulate others using human relations, but they don't do it that way themselves and are not interested in it. That information goes for them on the background, making them aware and unaffectable by these manipulations.