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SLE - The Conqueror


Full model: [:bS:][:wL:][:bI:][:wE:][:wI:][:bE:][:wS:][:bL:]

Short model: [:bS:][:wL:][:wE:][:wI:]

Belongs to: Beta Quadra

Ego Block: [:bS:] with [:wL:]

The Conquerors are goal-oriented men of action. They tend to see the world as a set of goals and they perceive a goal as a point, in their head constructing a plan how to achieve it ([:wL:]). If the goal is set, the Conqueror starts to act quickly and can show a miraculous firmness, persistence and forcefulness in order to achieve it.

Their strategy in achieving goals can be quite straight-forward, they are able to force people to surrender to their will and tend to try to dominate others. “We've negotiated and I've decided„ kind of attitude. The Conquerors are good at giving the orders to others and controlling the activity. If they are in control of people around them, they might create an informal hierarchy.

Sensory-Logical-Extroverts are not afraid of the hardships on the way to achieve their goals and will fight ‘till the end. They are natural leaders and don't hesitate to take the initiative.

SLE tend to divide people by the “friend or foe„ principle. Friends are those who share the same attitudes, and Conquerors have huge trust in this people and are prepared to go to extreme length to make them happy. All the others are considered “foe„ and if they are on a Conqueror's way to a goal, they will be removed by any means necessary.

SLE like to take the risks, to accept challenges, to live in dynamic environment and take big part in what is going on around him.

They are not people of compromises ( “you are either with us or against us„) and normally have strong opinions, which they would defend in a debate, using their [:wL:] to prove they are right, making the facts to fit their opinion if necessary. ( flexible [:wL:]). They normally will not change their opinion in a debate no matter what information they've been given.

They perceive the world around them as a system of logical relations, where nothing happens just because it happens, but all the elements are tied in together.

Refusing block: [:bI:] with [:wE:]

In a new company of people, the Conqueror enjoys sharing opinions with others about different new people([:bI:] in a "Role" function). These opinions are normally overwhelmingly positive and often are very far from the true nature of a person.

They dislike it when people are trying to analyse theim, are generating too many random ideas or jump from one topic to another.

They take any uncertainty in relationships to heart, try to resolve it with a straight-forward talk. They are unable to see the attitudes of others towards them (“vulnerable„ [:wE:]), and therefore are often unable to notice if they are intrigued against.

The Conquerors hate to be preached at, hate when some moral principals are forced on them.

They can react quite aggressively if accused of being “ruthless„ or “immoral„, but behind the aggression there are the hurt feelings — Sensory-Logical-Extroverts find it very hard to see the attitudes of others towards them, so they see this accusations not as a general judgement, but as a statement of the personal feelings ([:bE:] instead of the [:wE:]).

Accepting Block: [:wI:] with [:bE:]

SLE need emotional advice and inspiration to choose the right direction of actions. They value intuitive predictions, whether positive or in a shape of precautions that help them to choose their course of action.

Sensory-Logical-Extroverts often show interest in philosophy and culture and also mystics.

They need someone to take care of the emotional atmosphere and are grateful if someone does it. They themselves are a little rough and uncertain at the same time in showing their emotions.

SLE dislike the indifference — love or hate is always better for them.

Subconscious Block: [:wS:] with [:bL:]

In a "back-against-the-wall" kind of situation SLE might call upon health issues, despite not actually being ill, to get rid of the persisting problem. But otherwise they like to challenge themsleves and overcome the health issues without attracting anyones attention to it or ignore them relying on their will-power. They might even show-off their ability to defy an illness keeping their life-style as usual.

SLE are able to take care of material world problems and business side of things without verbalizing these issues. And they are not interested in upholding the discussions of these matters.