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SLI - The Artisan


Full model: [:wS:][:bL:][:wI:][:bE:][:bI:][:wE:][:bS:][:wL:]

Short model: [:wS:][:bL:][:bE:][:bI:]

Belongs to: Delta Quadra

Ego Block: [:wS:] with [:bL:]

The Artisans are very attuned to the physical sensations and the ergonomics of the space around them.

The Sensory-Logical-Introverts pay a lot of attention to the kinaesthetics and understand the qualities of the materials very well.

Often they work with their hands well — it can be do-it-yourself skills, cooking skills etc.

SLI are oriented towards minimizing the uncomfortable physical experiences and may approach people with their advice without being asked for it or switch to it from a different conversation without any obvious connection with the previous topic. That might be a comment on the uncomfortable clothes or bad posture etc., which will then be followed by a practical advice on how to improve the situation.

The Artisans understand the work-efficiency and know what is the best way to distribute the resources. They are good at developing new technologies in any sphere they are working in.

Refusing block: [:wI:] with [:bE:]

In a new kind of situation, SLI try to present themselves as people who are well aware of the time flow and historical changes. They also try to show that they are punctual people and know how to distribute their time properly. Despite that, they don't actually feel the trends or the right moment to act as [:wI:] is their “Role„ function.

The Artisans detest openly emotional people, especially those who over dramatize things.

SLI are not able to control their own emotions and get tired if they are required to display either positive or negative emotions. They also find it hard to stop and relax, if they are already overloaded with emotions and tend to avoid contacts with people who are able to “infect„ them with their emotions.

Accepting Block: [:bI:] with [:wE:]

The Artisans enjoy company of people who can introduce them to new experiences and ideas. Though SLI are domestic people, they also enjoy the new information (for example: travelling and sightseeing) and are grateful to people who can captivate their attention with it and nudge them in this direction.

SLI are grateful for the advice on the socialization, politeness and how to find the right words to communicate support or sympathy. They respect polite and well-mannered individuals.

Subconscious Block: [:bS:] with [:wL:]

In the “back-against-the-wall„ kind of situation, SLI might become very forceful and even reserve to the brute force if required. But otherwise they dislike any demonstration of power, volitional pressure and are not interested in the power struggle.

SLI are interested in practical implementation of the schemes and structures and are not interested in the ideas or theories that are not tied to the real world.